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We are a Chinese manufacturer of civil engineering test equipment that is used in countless quality control processes. Since 1981, we have been consistently providing customers with a wide range of outstanding soil and civil engineering apparatus, material testing machine, cement and concrete testing machine, asphalt and asphalt mixture testing machine, general laboratory equipment, and more. Over the three few decades, we have contributed to the completion of many key national and international projects, such as the Hangzhou Bay Bridge project, the Cuban educational engineering project aided by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and the Congo-Kinshasa highway construction project aided by China.

  • Automatic Asphalt Penetration Apparatus
  • Automatic Asphalt Penetration ApparatusAutomatic display standard needle drop time and displacement
    LCD display of penetration depth and time set
    Penetration Needle 2.5g, hardened steel
    Plunger: 97.5g ...
  • 10kn Bench Triaxial Apparatus
  • 10kn Bench Triaxial Apparatus The bench triaxial apparatus is used to determine the strength and deformation characteristics of the soil specimen. It is used to perform unconsolidated-unstrained shear test (UU), consolidated-unstrained shear test (CU), and consolidated-drained ...
  • Digital Multifunction Electric Compactor
  • Digital Multifunction Electric CompactorThe multifunction electric compactor automatically compacts specimens, eliminating the laborious hand compaction method .The height and weight of the rammer is adjustable to suit test requirements.
  • Multifuctional Concrete Core Drilling Machine
  • Multifuctional Concrete Core Drilling Machine The concrete core drilling machine is able to drill and cut high strength concrete with high efficiency, precise hole position, smooth wall of hole and cored specimen, small vibration and no damage to construction.
  • Digital Marshall Stability Tester
  • Digital Marshall Stability TesterThe Marshall stability tester is equipped with one S shape load cell and double displacement sensors.
    Peak value is automatically preserved.
    The principal axis automatically descends after printing.
  • Los Angeles Splitter Abrasion Testing Machine
  • Los Angeles Splitter Abrasion Testing Machine The Los Angeles splitter abrasion testing machine is used as a quality control tool for aggregates, including crushed rock, gravel and slag. The testing method determines the degradation when subjected to abrasion, attrition, impact and grinding.

In order to provide customers with the highest quality testing machines, we manufacture our products using imported precision electronic components and advanced equipment like CNC grinders, planers, CNC machine tools, and large vertical machining centers, and we conduct rigorous inspections of finished products before delivery. In addition, we adhere to all applicable international standards, so as to ensure our global customers' requirements are met. As a result of our efforts, our material testing machines are CE compliant, our concrete testing machines, aggregate testers, asphalt testing apparatus and pavement testing machines are ISO certified, and our abrasion machines, disc type liquid limit devices and electric compactors meet the standards of ASTM, BS and EN. Therefore, global customers can feel secure in purchasing from us.

With decades of experience in the field, we now have a complete service system covering production, packaging, logistics, delivery, customs clearance, and more. We also are continually working to streamline our management and make the best use of resources. This helps reduce our costs, so we can pass savings on to customers in the form of more economical prices.

We have a team of highly experienced technicians who can not only quickly answer any technical questions but also consult with customers to help them choose the right product for their particular application. In addition, we provide English instructions, software and online video training so that operators can use our material testing machine, concrete testing machine and asphalt testing machine easily. If needed, we also can provide on-site installation and training services. We also include some wearing parts, free of charge, with each purchase.

For further information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.